We at Kitchener Fibreglass Products strive to be the industry leader in the manufacture of fibreglass reinforced plastic products. By using time and production-proven methods, as well as innovative new processes, we do our utmost to constantly improve the quality and value of fibreglass products.

Our Services:

Pattern and Mould Making

Resin Transfer Mould (RTM)

Light Resin Transfer Moulding (LRTM)

Contact Moulding (open-cavity, chopped strand)

Research and Development

Retail fibreglass and epoxy supplies


Service details:

Pattern and mould making - build master patterns using wood and fillers to customer's specifications. We also enlist the services of other patternmakers with CNC capabilities when required.

RTM - a closed cavity process providing improved dimensional accuracy of fibreglass reinforced plastic products as well as consistent quality and higher rates of production.

LRTM - all the same benefits as RTM with lower tooling costs. Applicable for smaller production runs where open cavity moulds do not provide the desired accuracy and consistent quality.

Contact moulding - spraying chopped fibres onto an open cavity mould. Best suited for small production runs and custom products where only one good surface is required.

Product Development - prototyping of new or improved products that will typically be produced by a plastics process in the future.

Fibreglass supplies - all supplies required for repairs of fibreglass products, as well as for use by boat builders, sculptors and modellers. If we don't carry it, we can special order it for you.