We at Kitchener Fibreglass Products strive to be the industry leader in the manufacture of fibreglass reinforced plastic products. By using time and production-proven methods, as well as innovative new processes, we do our utmost to constantly improve the quality and value of fibreglass products. An environmentally conscious corporation, Kitchener Fibreglass Products is committed to working with its employees to provide an enjoyable and safe working environment, both within our workplace and our surrounding neighbourhood.


Kitchener Fibreglass was founded in 1957 by Ernest H Simpson and began as Custom Boat Mfg.; a boat building and repair shop.

In 1964 the company began producing a variety of boats and canoes and by 1970 was producing approximately 100 small runabouts and sailboats.

In 1975, the company diversified and began producing car and truck parts.

In the early 1980's, the company was incorporated under the name of Kitchener Fibreglass Products Limited. We were producing bodies for recreational motor vehicles, as well as, large waterslide sections for waterparks. Also at this time, our custom mould work area was expanded.

In 1984, the company moved to a 10,000 sq.ft. facility in order to accommodate the demand for larger products being produced.

In 1986, a machine shop was incorporated into this facility in order for the company to have an on site supplier of parts being used in our fibreglass products (i.e. insert, spacers) and for maintenance purposes.

The facility was again expanded to nearly 15,000 sq. ft. in the early 1990's in order to accommodate our new Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) area and to meet the increased production demands. In 1994, the RTM process proved to be so successful for producing selected products. This expansion provided more room for RTM and enabled us to consolidate the Mould Making and Woodworking areas under one roof.

In 2001 we expanded our mould making and production capabilities to include Light Resin Transfer Moulding (LRTM), a vacuum assisted version of RTM.

The Company currently employs 6 people in approximately 15,000 sq. ft. building. We have a skilled labour force including pattern makers, mould makers, machine shop, welding, chopper gun and gelcoat operators, RTM operators, woodworkers, as well as, trained trimmers, grinders, body, paint and repair persons. We are able to facilitate products from the research and development stage, whether they start from blueprints, pictures, or drawings - to plugs, patterns and moulds - through to the finished product.

As indicated by the brief profile and history above, we are a company of extremely diversified talents and production capabilities.


We continue to further develop the LRTM and RTM production methods due to the advantages they provide. Many of these advantages are not listed in any of the process manuals and are not realized until your production is maximized. We have an advantage because, we not only produce parts from many moulds on a daily basis, but we also build the patterns and moulds.

No job it too big or too small! We will consider anything, from a 'one of' to thousands of units per year.

Products we have produced include:
Jigs, patterns and moulds for-
Flight simulator bodies, electric tractors, motorcycle trailers, ice resurfacing equipment, water slides, signs, kiosks, hoods, machine covers, tanks, steeples and burial urns and vaults.

In 2002, a small retail outlet, to supply the general public, including hobbyists (model airplanes and boats etc), and the auto and boat repair industries, was opened at 319 Bridge street east.

The retail outlet carries all materials and supplies required for all your fiberglass and epoxy needs. We supply fiberglass mats, cloths and woven roving, polyester resins and gel coats, mould releases, waxes, System Three general purpose and specialty epoxies, adhesives, fillers and miscellaneous supplies (brushes, rollers, mixing cups, gloves and respirators).

In 2015, we moved to a new location: 319 Bridge St. E, Kitchener, Ontario.


Still a family owned and operated business; Ernie's son Paul assumed the business-related responsibilities, in 1985